Mindful YouTube University™ 6-week Course (At Your Own Pace)

Join Veronica for the liberating ride of a lifetime in discovering how to share the true-authentic YOU on YouTube and in front of any camera, live stream or video platform! 

This is your opportunity to expand your magnetic video-creation skills, confidence level, and your reach to inspire our big, beautiful world!

To see actual testimonials and the amazing results our grads are having with video, make sure to check out the above video.

Mindful YouTube University™ LIVE happens once a year, but you can take advantage of the At Your Own Pace program now (plus since you get ongoing access to the course and our amazing community, you'll be able to join future Q&A's during the LIVE version).




"This course has been such a transformational experience for me. It's also so beautifully designed and perfect the way it fits around your schedule." - Caite, U.K.


"The greatest benefit I received from MYU was learning how to be comfortable in front of the camera lens and authentic on video." - Danitza, Texas


"There is a depth to each of the lessons that will help you do the inner work and discover WHY you're really called to make videos." Jennifer, Los Angeles


 "For a long time I was leery about getting further into social media and now with this course, I see it as an amazing way to connect in a way that still feels right with me, that still feels aligned with my values." - Tumi, Canary Islands

*** When Tumi started Mindful YouTube University™, she had 25 subscribers on YouTube (after two years of making videos every week). Within one year of doing this course, she had 2,000 engaged subscribers and her channel keeps growing.


"Veronica really gets how difficult it is to bring your authentic self onto camera and she shows you the way. She shows you gently and she shows you lovingly." - Gisele, Australia



"This class is so much more than learning to create your YouTube channel. This is a community!" - Susan, Michigan


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