The Diamond Process™ Coach Training

The Diamond Process™ Coach Training + Mentorship Program is an exclusive 6-month life coach certification program dedicated to helping you become a transformational coach, attract your ideal clients, and make a greater impact through implementing the 4 Cornerstones of Masterful Coaching Success. 

The Diamond Process™ Coach Training curriculum is intentionally designed so you can grow your transformational coaching business from anywhere on the planet. All you need is your laptop, internet access + most importantly your authentic presence.

Deep down you know you were born to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives.

You’ve simply needed the right skills and guidance to support you in powerfully coaching with confidence, calm & clarity.


Due to popular demand, we created the Diamond Process™ Coach Training + Mentoring Program as a way of sharing the wisdom that has helped us create fulfilling, thriving lives and help countless clients to do the same. In studying with cutting-edge pioneers, masters and educators around the world, this is what we know to be true ...

Masterful life coaching starts with masterful self-coaching.

In order to make the difference you are here to make in this world, commitment to your personal growth and self-mastery is paramount. Big-hearted souls with a deeper calling - like you - simply need the right training to up-level your mind, empower your emotional state and confidently facilitate others!

Over a combined 40+ years of learning from the best in the fields of Spiritual Psychology, Presence Mastery, Yogic Philosophy, Psychology, and Shamanism plus our 30+ years of experience in the field as successful transformational coaches, we've discovered the vast difference between mediocre coaching and masterful coaching.


The Diamond Process™ Coach Training + Mentoring Program is organized into four cornerstones.


This quality, in-depth program is not your every day coach training certification. The comprehensive curriculum can be used as a profound personal development tool that simultaneously prepares you to be a masterful coach and grow your ideal client base online.

Self-mastery is the foundation of masterful coaching.™



Key facets of the Diamond Process™ Coaching Training Curriculum:

  • Short, Digestible Video Trainings
  • Peer Practice Mini-Sessions
  • Group Coaching Calls + Personal Mentoring
  • Exclusive certification in the 7-Step Diamond Process™ system
  • Done-for-you coaching sequences + skill sheets to use with your clients
  • Direct mentoring and feedback following your peer coaching sessions
  • Accountability + Step-by-Step Guidance
  • DP Coaching Community (soul-family + support at its best!)
  • YouTube + Magnetic Video Marketing training
  • Lifetime access to future updates of all course materials

    Catapult your own evolution + grow your dream coaching business, or bring what you learn to the work you’re already doing!
    This is an opportunity for an ever-lasting lifetime transformation that you will carry with you no matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with.





  • You’re called to make the world a better, healthier place
  • You care deeply about others and could use a tested, tangible
  • system that clearly guides you in successfully bettering their lives
  • You know you have potential, but need the courage, clarity & skills to coach with confidence.
  • You’re devoted to personal + spiritual development
  • People often come to you for support and its time to turn your natural talent into a lucrative business so you can give support at a higher level from the overflow
  • You’re tired of working in a soul-sucking job that doesn’t value who you truly are
  • You want to be surrounded by amazing peers and authentic souls who see you, get you and cheer you on + vice versa
  • This training is also for you if you’re already a coach and feel overly responsible for your clients’ success and failures and it drains you. Maybe you even hit the “pause” button because you started doubting yourself and your ability as a coach
  • If you find yourself at a precipice of change and feeling the future of your life is unknown


What This Program is NOT:

  • This is not a b.s overnight certification
  • This is not some surfaced commercialized training
  • This is not a coach training factory where you’re just a “butt in a seat”
  • This is not a generic, incomplete coach training program that only works on the behavioral level.



                          Presence. Inspiration. Authenticity. Transformation.


6-Month Diamond Process™ Foundational Training Program
The 6-Month Diamond Process™ Transformational Program is an 8-Module Online Training designed to help you embody purpose, clarity & whole life wellbeing while building the base necessary to live your higher purpose and coach with confidence. This integrative course can be used for powerful personal development and/or as a break through system to use with your coaching clients, students or team. 




* Comprehensive coaching skills foundation

* Exclusive Diamond Process™ Certification

* Done-for-you skills sheets and coaching sequences to use with your clients

* Powerful, unwavering accountability (You will be held to your HIGHEST!)

* Experiential learning conveniently designed to fit your schedule

* Diamond Process™ Coaching Manual

* 8 LIVE Half-Day Intensives (online) 

* 4 LIVE Group "In the Field" Sessions (online)

* Private online community of amazing, heart-centered peers

* Direct guidance + mentoring

* Lifetime access to future updates of all course materials

+ Mindful YouTube University™ to help you master video, broadcast fearlessly, & sustainably grow your dream audience 




This 6-month certification program is not just a course … it is a deep, soulful experience. If you have a calling to make a greater difference in our world and live a more authentic, fulfilling life, yet lack the confidence or courage to move forward, this transformational course is for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to take your greatest struggles & turn them into triumphs, while simultaneously learning how to facilitate others through the same healing + empowering process. This tested, comprehensive program is a life changer, ensuring personal mastery & genuine coaching success.

Ready to create your dream life & successful coaching business with confidence, authenticity and soul?

Apply Now for the exclusive Diamond Process™ Coach Training Program 

LOVE NOTE:    We’re giving everything we have to each student in this exclusive program & want to be sure you’re ready for this work. So, please be clear + honest in your application. You’ll also receive the full schedule & tuition options following your application.






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