About Veronica

For over fifteen years, Veronica has been facilitating transformation with groups and individuals internationally. She is the author and creator of “The Diamond Process™: Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within,” a 7-step life-changing system serving clients & students worldwide.

Being the creator of "Treasure Tuesday," a thriving YouTube series attracting over 1.5 Million views and 19,000+ engaged subscribers (and growing strong), she is now teaching coaches, small business owners & aspiring leaders how they can do the same. 

One of her great joys involves helping to spread inspiring content globally through her transformational 6-Week Program, "Mindful YouTube University™," where she helps heart-centered creators like you confidently and successfully share your meaningful message on video and grow a thriving audience.

She has facilitated yoga and wellness programs, retreats, mindfulness events, online courses, and is currently focused on training and mentoring a select group of coaches in becoming certified Diamond Process™ facilitators.




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